Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener – Tattoos

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Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener – Tattoos


Both classic black and white and color tattoos cover every inch of this edgy stainless steel opener. A fun design for bartenders who like a little attitude in their tool collection. Our Knuckle Popper Kolorcoatâ„¢ stainless steel bottle openers are mid-sized bartender’s tools which feature colorful artwork on each side. These poppers have a curved side and finger indentations on the other for comfortable grip. Their smaller size fits conveniently in your pocket or purse or can hang stylishly on your keychain or a retractable reel. Our popular Kolorcoatâ„¢ technique imprints the front and back sides and edges of this stainless-steel beer opener with vivid, high resolution artwork. Note: Knuckle Poppers are non-magnetic.

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Knuckle Popper Bottle Opener - Tattoos

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