Zendaya was forced to deny rumors that she was pregnant.

 After fans posted jokes about expecting a baby, Zendaya was forced to deny rumors that she was pregnant.

The 25-year-old actress admitted in her Instagram story on Wednesday that she was trending on Twitter due to pregnancy rumours.

"Look no further, so I stay off Twitter..." he wrote. "Just talking for no reason...weekly."

In her next story, she wrote, "Somehow, back on filming," along with a tennis ball emoji, explaining how she's shooting for her new sports drama film, Challengers.

After this, She shared a photo of someone's legs, as She was wearing a pair of white shoes and a tennis racket in her hand.

The rumor first surfaced on TikTok after fans posted a video that included a modified screenshot of the Euphoria star's Instagram account, which claimed to have posted an ultrasound image. The video was then cut with a clip of Kris Jenner dancing on Lady Marmalade to tell viewers that she was deceived, also known as "Krissed".

Zendaya Pregnant Rumors on Twitter

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On TikTok, having a "crush" has become one of the hottest trends, as the video aims to entice viewers to believe a false story.

On Twitter Wednesday morning, fans started asking if Zendaya is pregnant, as one wrote: "Is Zendaya pregnant??? ... I need to know who your sources are because everyone [timeline] ] But why is it saying this?"

Another wrote, "Update Twitter to make sure the 'Zendaya pregnant' trend is wrong.

However, Twitter users later defended Devon Starr and took issue with the rumor, as some fans thought she was pregnant with her boyfriend Tom Holland's child.

"Zendaya told you all to stop lying in her name!" One wrote, while the other said: "Okay, who spread the Zendaya pregnancy rumour? I'm just picking up your phone!

A third user wrote: "If you are one of those people who said Tom Holland got Zendaya pregnant. Quit twitter. Really think about your whole life away from social media. Because clearly helped you. Zendaya deserve better than Tom .

The relationship between Zindaya and the Tom Holland was first confirmed by Page Six in July 2021, after they were seen kissing in a car.

In honor of her Spider-Man: No way Home co-star's birthday last month, Zendaya paid tribute to him on Instagram and wrote: "Happy birthday to the person who makes me happiest.

The singer and actress previously had a relationship with the Tom Holland and how that supported her career.

"I think it's great to have support and love around you, because you need it," She told Entertainment Tonight last April. "It's not an easy job, so it's good to be free you up from it every now and then.”