Shah Rukh Khan's fear for his Children & Wife

Shah Rukh Khan family photo

Shah Rukh Khan's fear for his Children & Wife 

Shah Rukh Khan recently made headlines when he visited his son, Aryan Khan, who is lost at the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. In connection with the drugs case, Shahrukh Khan's son. 

Aryan Khan, who has been stuck in jail since October 3rd, and thus, it seems like srk sphere is finally coming to life. Now, an interview of Shahrukh, Khan has resurfaced in which the actor said, "my name's could spoil my children's life, and I don't want that to happen. "

In an interview Srk has opened up about his Fame and it's is bad on his children. 

In this old interview, the King Khan is seen expressing. "My name could spoil their life and I don't want that to happen".while talking about his biggest fear in life. At the time. Shahrukh said "my biggest fear for my family in life. Especially my kids are that. I hope they can live out of my shadow".

 He expressed that. "I don't want them to ever. Find that say, oh, I'm better than my father and I don't want . To get completely engulfed by it that they don't need to do anything because they are my children".

The King Khan also shared that he would like to be known as their father, but I would not like them to be known as my children. In a different interview. Srk said "the decision to have a child is the decision to let a piece of your heart walk outside of your body, and his car was speeding towards my children. I would stand in front of that car and I'm sure I will stop it".

on Thursday. The narcotics control Bureau team arrived at Shahrukh, Khan's. Mumbai residents Mannat after the Superstar visited to met his son, Aryan Khan in jail. 

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