BTS: HYBE denies dating rumours of BTS member V, calls it "pathetic "

Kim Tae-hyung (BTS V) 

Although BTS members are rarely involved in  scandals,  once in a while some dating rumor comes up,and this time the one who is allegedly  dating is our "good boy V."

This rumor started recently  in some Korean online communities,and many international fans didn't even know about this story,but BTS' company HYBE was quick to deny it.  

Korean online communities have been raising rumors  that V is dating the daughter of the 'Paradise Group' president Philip Jeon and Choi Yoon Jung. 

'Paradise Group' is a South Korean conglomerate. They own the 'Paradise City Hotel', a famous luxury  resort in South Korea, among other businesses.  Some Koreans claim that V saw the exhibition with Choi Yoon Jung,and that their daughter was also present.  

They also raised dating rumors regarding  the bracelet that V usually wears,which is a product launched by that same girl.  

Honestly, this doesn't prove anything.From what i've researched, apparently this woman is the  president or something of this museum, so she was just showing Tae some works, as he is one of the  biggest celebrities in the world.

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It's like when a celebrity goes to a restaurant and ends up taking a picture with the owner of the place.  And about the bracelet, well, BTS members wear  different brands,international and Korean, so it doesn't mean anything.


In regards to these rumors,HYBE quickly confirmed that the claims that he was dating the daughter was false and that V was simply acquainted with the family.  

"The family of chairman Choi Yoon Jung  and V are just acquaintances."  It's funny how quick HYBE denied this rumor. Many fans didn't even know there was already a dating rumor and circulating those photos and videos. Besides HYBE, unexpectedly V also reacted.

He posted with a simple caption:

"How pathetic! I want to sing UGH!"  

'UGH' is one of BTS's songs  that calls out netizens and rumor mongers. The lyrics clearly criticize netizen culture.After Tae's posts, he ended up trending on social media, with Armys supporting him.  

Since their debut in 2013,  BTS members have never publicly dated anyone And whenever they are asked about dating, they always deny it.

Well, it's totally understandable why they always deny  any dating.For those who don't know, back in 2019, Jungkook fell prey to dating rumors as well.  

He was linked to a tattoo artist. Not only did Big Hit issue a statement, so did the tattoo artist he was linked to.It was a very fragile moment for Jungkook, because he and the girl received a lot of hate.

And once again, after reading some comments on social media about V supposedly dating, i understand why they don't date publicly.  

I mean, obviously they're dating, they're like 25  30 years old,so it's obvious and super normal for them to date, but some fans seem to think they're kids or they're their property,and they'll never be able to date.  

All we know is that they are humans too,so let them live their life and be happy with whoever they choose to end up with. 

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