Actress Kanagana Ranaut who was shocked by Naga Chaitanya Samantha divorce has blamed to Amir Khan for their divorce

Naga chaitanya Samantha 

 Actress Kanagana Ranaut who was shocked by Naga Chaitanya Samantha divorce has blamed to Amir Khan for their divorce

There were rumours that Tollywood couple Samantha Prabhu & Naga Chaitanya were going to divorce. It led to a confusion about their marriage. The couple have officially announced their divorce which went viral on social media.

Actress Kanagana Ranaut who was shocked by their divorce has blamed a very famous bollywood actor for their divorce.Kangana posted a statement on her Instagram stories which said:
Chaitanya has been closely working with Aamir Khan for a Bollywood movie named in Laal Singh Chaddha. Chaitanya and Samantha had been happily married for 4 years.They had been dating for almost a decade but now he has decided to divorce his wife.

Kangana's Instagram story

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Kangana who was shocked by this said that Aamir Khan has been divorced twice and has 3 children. He is a divorce expert who ruined their lives. Kangana claims Chaitanya was influenced by Aamir to divorce Samantha.

Set of Laal Singh Chadha Aamir Khan Naga Chaitanya

Kangana said that men are always wrong and women are right. She said people might call her narrow minded and think men and women are equal.However, this is not true. This is how God has made man and woman. Men are the one who make mistakes. For example, men and women all buy clothes. When they get bored they discard the clothing and buy new ones. This is done often.

Similarly, men have a habit of changing their wives or girlfriends like clothes when they get bored. Even a few women do this but it is mostly always men. Hence, men are at fault!

Kangana said because of the Chay-Sam divorce everyone is blaming Samantha.
This needs to stop! Whenever celebrity couples breakup or divorce, the woman is always blamed. However, people must stop supporting men who have relationships after divorce or remarry.

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